SwanPark is the first integrated multi-functional city to create sustainable living values for a prosperous community. SwanPark is the perfect destination for potential investors, with creative spaces for the start-up community and an ideal environment for ambitious young people creating the premise and motivation to attract global citizens.

Tổng diện tích: 941, 5 ha

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  • 190 ha

    Green trees, ponds and lakes

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  • 28,3 ha

    Commerce and Services

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  • 75,2 ha

    Public facilities (education, healthcare, ...)

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  • 197,7 ha

    Transportation infrastructure

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  • 85,3 ha


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  • 364 ha

    Residential housing


- Green space: impressive living space of 30m2/person.

- Parks include the Multi Color Super Park - 29ha, Swan Park- 22ha, and Sports Park – 25 ha.

- Healthcare: A first class hospital system in Vietnam with an area of 7,8 ha, equipped with international standard infrastructure and equipment.  

- Smart technology is applied in planning, design, construction, and operation of the city. The transportation network is smartly designed to create access and connection, occupying a total area of 197,7 ha.


Schools: A system of 16 international standard schools at different levels of kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school, occupying a total area of 53 ha.  

Educational environment including creative spaces, exhibition areas, libraries, and playgrounds to help children at SwanPark be confident in joining the global community.


Multiple job opportunities: The heart of SwanPark is the high class financial street with numerous office buildings, hotels, restaurants and shopping streets.

Start-ups: The first ideal space in Vietnam for startups. SwanPark supports high technology innovation incubation as well as technological research and application to attract young talents from Vietnam and all over the world.


Entertainment hub: cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and cafes.

Cultural Space: The exhibition center with its outstanding design is a highlight of architecture and culture, occupying an area of 164 ha.

The largest sports complex in Vietnam: an ideal place for the physical training and development of residents.

International standard amenities: community spaces, a clubhouse, swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, outdoor sports areas, BBQ area, retail shops, Four Seasons park and Tropical park.